Here at we know from personal experience of the potential which allows us to elicit positive and lasting changes in neurological function, something which has been transforming lives for the better in a wide variety of cases around the world during the past 40 years.

We are experienced in the application of a number of potentially life-changing practices including:


  • Neurofeedback (or brain training)
  • Biofeedback (or physiology training)
  • wTMS (Weak Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
  • tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
  • Nutrition & supplementation for cognitive improvement


There are a whole raft of conditions commonly attributed to ‘personality’ which cause suffering and trauma for not only those affected but also those in family or social contact. These conditions do have an identifiable root cause, some of which are past events i.e. abuse or physical trauma, some are current situations, but in the majority of cases the solution lies in understanding how the brain is malfunctioning in this moment, before taking steps to correct that malfunction.

Changing lives affected by subtle neurological difficulty is not only possible, the technology and guidance are readily available.