BrainFit 4ch SuperSync Protocol



Setting a new standard for sync protocols, SuperSync features a comprehensive feedback set across 4 EEG channels and SCP, Alpha and Gamma bands simultaneously.

  • Amplitude burst sync
  • Coherence both between each site and globally
  • Phase coincidence between each site and globally
  • Low spike & beta inhibit
  • Cross-frequency amplitude coupling
  • A total of 16 feedback measurements

The price includes a support call to explain the protocol and get you training. This protocol has a universal application to all areas of the brain and training a circuit of networks to increase the level or organisation of these key frequencies has a deep effect on all cognitive and physical processes.

There are nothing more than poorly formed theories as to what is happening and why, but results have been nothing but positive within the test group so far. Specific montages that we have tried and proven to be beneficial are listed below with many more yet to discover.

  • Fz Pz P3 P4
  • Fz Pz T3 T4
  • Fz Pz F3 F4
  • F3 F4 P3 P4
  • Fpz Fz Pz Oz
  • T3 T4 T5 T6
  • Fp1 Fp2 O1 O2

In addition to the standard 10-20 sites, we have used the acupressure points at the top of the neck, atop the cerebellum. Syncing these sites with such cortical pairs as F3-F4, T3-T4, C3-C4, P3-P4 and Fz Pz.


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