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BioEra provides an environment and tools to create various types of processing tasks. It can be used for research, games, self exploration, entrainment, sound processing and many others. Each task is contained in a design. To create a design no programming skill is required, only understanding of the process and its requirements.

How it works?

BioEra is used to create a design visually. A design represents data flow from input (e.g. biofeedback device) to output (e.g. visual or sound feedback). The flow can be customized with hundreds built-in objects (elements). For example an amplitude of alpha brainwaves can be filtered from input EEG signal, it can then trigger a MIDI, video or a computer task at a certain threshold level.

Is BioEra for biofeedback only?

Biofeedback is primary purpose of BioEra, but it can be used also for other types of digital signal processing (DSP).

On which OS BioEra can run?

Currently supported are: Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8) and Android

What can be done with BioEra?

BioEra offers high performance, flexibility and unique features not found in any other software. It can process dozens of channels simultaneously in real time (QEEG), many types of biofeedback devices can be connected together all in the same time. A single design with 1000 elements and 3D rendering can use as little as 2% of a processor (tested on Pentium 4, 2.4GHz).

Some features (full list is available in manual):

  • Process digital signals in real time. This includes real time operations on:
    • Streams (like bio-signals or sounds),
    • Logical states (ON,OFF)
    • Vectors (arrays of data)
    • Matrices
    • Images
    • Text
  • Graphic visualisation
    • Oscilloscope, Polygraph
    • Vector display (FFT), 2D or 3D in real time
    • Topograph – can display 22 channels in real time!
    • Video and audio
    • Text messages
    • Images
    • Numeric values
    • Box display, bar display, progress bar
  • Perform wide range of mathematic transforms
    • FFT (on real or complex values)
    • Digital filtering (with Butterworth, Bessel and Chebyshev filters).
    • Arithmetic operations (e.g. add, subtract, multiply, modulo etc).
    • Mixing, concatenations, windowing, multiplexing, range mapping, thresholding
    • Cross correlation (on scalar or vector streams)
    • Operations on complex numbers, matrixes and images
    • Coherence
    • ExpressionEvaluator to do custom math or code.
  • Interaction with user
    • Buttons (instant, toggle)
    • Sliders (vertical, horizontal)
    • Text/numeric fields
    • Keyboard
    • Interactive controls: toolbar icons, toolabar combos, menu items, MouseInteractor, KeyInteractor, SystemIntractor
  • Exchange data across network, Internet or LAN: NetworkServer and NetworkClient (built on sockets), XmlNetServer
  • Control (e.g. start, stop) BioEra application from another (external) application XmlNetController
  • Support for data exchange with other applications
    • <href=”http:”” companies=”” companies.html”=””>EDF – European Data Format supported by many companies.
    • Write/read sound files (e.g. wav) to allow further processing in sound editors
    • Save data in text files that can be then imported into Excel, Matlab or databases.
    • SQLWriter/SQLReader, allows save/read data directly to an SQL databases, e.g. MySql.
  • Artificial signal generation: Generator, Simulator
  • Stream control:
    • Decimator, Resampler, Valve, Selector, Sequencer, Demultiplexer, Threshold and many others
  • Support for time domain: Timer, TimeRange, Counter, RateLimitter, CounterRatio
  • Rich support for processing on vectors (arrays).
  • Image processing and image recognition with ImageMixer, ImageSequencer, ImageDisplay, ImageTransform, VideoImageSource and others
  • Suport for hardware devices (most are listed on the right)
  • Logical operations: AND, OR, XOR, etc.
  • Sound feedback
    • MP3, Wav sounds or music
    • MIDI
    • Mathematically calculated and generated sounds
  • Sound recording
    • Microphone
  • Customizable/designable Session Reports (charts and table with statistics) with ability to Print and Print Preview.
  • Others:
    • Racer game.
    • Pacman game.
    • HTML 5 player.
    • Application player (for any application or game controlled by keyboard keys)


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