All around the world people are detaching their ideas of food from their ideas of nutrition…

The result? Optimum nutrition through engineered food allows for a super-healthy body and mind meaning an increase in quality of life all round and the freedom from the inconvenience that can be purchasing and cooking regular food. For some people, cooking healthily is just too difficult to manage amongst everything else in their lives, and they are the ones most at risk.


This is a mis-understood concept in the West, and many of us are facing malnutrition. It is not a lack of food, so much as the wrong food. A hidden problem because we feel OK in the short term and don’t correlate a gradual decline in health to our trusted feeding habits.

Those particularly at risk are people with cognitive difficulties, who may not be able to action their thoughts or remember to eat a balanced selection of foods over the course of a few weeks.

A course of structured nutritional replacement food which ensures an optimum balance of food types for even just 50% of meals is likely to halt or reverse cognitive decline and prove it’s own worth in a matter of weeks.


Our genetics play a big part in deciding which foods are actually good for us. There are several common mutations which make things like bread flour particularly toxic to certain individuals.

The way to address this issue is to have the genetic data sequenced from a DNA sample, and a report produced detailing the nutritional profile of the individual. – DNA profiling and data hosting, various reports of different types – Analysis of DNA data to produce specific nutrition & supplementation reports – FREE analysis of DNA data to produce methylation & detoxification reports