New brain cells: The building blocks of good mental health

Neurogenesis means the growth of new neuron cells. Without the production of new cells the brain gradually declines and previously healthy mental, emotional and cognitive function become dysfunctional and diseased. Neurofeedback would not be able to do it’s work of creating new connections in the brain if it were not for the continued production of new cells in the Hippocampus, so neurogenesis and neurofeedback go hand in hand. Would you go to the gym and expect to make muscle gain without providing yourself adequate fuel for that process? Possibly not, and brain cells are no different to muscle cells; they need to be fed enough of the right materials in order to be reproduced in the kind of quantities required to completely recover from poor mental health.

Previous scientific and medical models of the brain have failed to include this idea of new cell production, yet it has been shown that the brain and the liver and the two organs in the body which show the potential to produce new cells right up to the moment of death. Reading that another way, there is technically no need for aging of the brain provided that the process of neurogenesis continues unhindered.