01. Guided awareness meditation
Exploration of sensations and thoughts using mindful awareness can dissolve bad neurological patterns. Les Fehmi // Open Focus, Anna Wise // The High Performance Mind
02. Binaural beats
Holosync Awakening for emotional development, alpha/delta relaxation to get some rest from anxiety, beta sessions for focus and creativity.
03. Super brain smoothie
Daily mind health stack. Choline, DMAE, MSM, Turmeric, L Glutamine. Extra fats, protein & frozen low sugar fruit
04. Bodybuilding supplements
In small quantities: Creatine, DHEA, Gingko, Ginseng, testosterone/mental toughness, turning flight into fight. Taurine lowers cortisol
05. tDCS
Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation. Can loosen scalp muscles restoring bloodflow, also alters brain function over time. Using only 9v batteries, a current regulator and sponge saline electrodes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
06. Infrared Sauna & facial ice packs
Increase bloodflow, stimulate the vagus nerve, aid detox and strengthen your body’s response to stress. £80.00
07. Bloodflow nootropics
Vinpocetine, Sulbutiamine (B1), Adrafinil, Phenibut, Emoxypine Succinate
08. Brain growth nootropics (BDNF)
Racetams, Noopept, Tianeptine, Coluracetam
09. Luminosity or Brain HQ Brain Training
Mental exercises to improve working memory and patten recognition skills.
Works on all devices, and charts progress over time. Subscription £8/mth or £48 2years
10. LLLT (Low-level Laser Light Therapy)
Treat the scalp for 2 minutes each day by placig an IR lamp over various spots on the head for 15-20 seconds. Increases mitochondrial activity and accelerates all aspects of brain healing. Used on racehorses for years. Can be done with an 850nm IR security lamp + Shilajit/ CoEnzyme Q10 supplements £60.00
11. Active tACS
Multi point pulsed variable electrical stimulation – Brainkit, others. Reads and responds to EEG data, balancing out electrical activity across the brain. DIY project.
12. OctoPulse Magnetic Brain Stimulation
Hardware which stimulates the Amygdala, Hippocampus & Caudate Nucleus via the Temporal lobes producing very pleasant effects and altered states of consciousness for self development and relaxation.
13. Biofeedback
Sensors & software which are used to train states of relaxation using awareness of bodily conditions. Heartmath £150 or DIY options
14. Sleep machines
CES or Earthpulse – optimum healing efficiency during sleep using pulsed low frequency EMF.
15. Optimum nutrition
Rebuilding diet completely using shakes & supplements providing brain & body with what it needs to thrive.
16. Consumer EEG training
Easy to use software and hardware for training focus and concentration. £200- £400
17. HEG biofeedback
Well proven treatment for ADHD, PTSD, works by retraining forehead muscles.. Sensor works to improve bloodflow anywhere it is attached on the head, so can also useful for frontal or temporal lobe imbalances.
18. Trauma-led Neurofeedback
Based on analysis of individual EEG data, specific aspects of brain malfunction can be retrained over time. The negative effects of Autism, OCD, anxiety, head injury, or depression can potentially be treated this way.
19. Performance-led Neurofeedback
Training coherence across parts of the brain, to develop deep states of meditation, focus and concentration. The benefits of this are well proven and limits of training are yet to be found.
20. Honest & relentless self enquiry under guidance
The highest cost of all, the loss of the illusion of control, and a return to the understanding of your true nature. Comes at the cost of ALL beliefs. For guidance visit liberation unleashed