01. Hack your attitude!
You need to know where you are before you can get anywhere. If you are looking at trying to consciously enhance your quality of life, it starts with being kind to yourself and doing whatever you can to reduce stress. If you can’t cope, don’t do it. Over time your stress levels will decrease and you will become more capable, but for now give yourself a chance and stop expecting too get much from your life.

02. Limit EMF exposure
Turn off mobile phones and wifi routers while you sleep, this is critical to ensuring proper rest. Use a grounding cord or earthing sheet. Allowing the body to restore electrical equilibrium between itself and the earth brings highly restful sleep.

03. Limit blue light exposure
Visible blue light after sunset disturbs melatonin production leaving you tired but wired and unable to sleep properly. Computer displays are the worst offender for this, but apps such as f.lux filter blue light from the display after sunset so you work late and still sleep afterwards.

04. Breathing
Use an ionising HEPA filter to clean the air in the room where you spend most of your time. Negative ions are good for the lungs and dust particles are removed from the air. Both actions reduce inflammation of the airways increasing oxygen absorption. Use a breathing trainer such as Ultrabreathe to increase lung capacity and strength diaphragm muscles.

05. Drink clean water
Absolutely avoid tap water as it contains hormones, heavy metals and pesticides. Reverse Osmosis filters are good but drinking only distilled water is the best option as it dissolves and flushes toxins from within the body.

06. Walk and stand correctly
Vibram Five Finger shoes & socks worn at home/sports for posture correction allow feet to be feet again. Correcting toe spacing encourages back problems to correct themselves over time as the feet spread more naturally to spread weight and support the skeleton.

07. Do you need a Liver Detox?
With a history of mercury fillings, drug use, alcohol use or poor diet, the liver is likely under stress. 6 weeks use of a nutritional food supplement rich in vitamins and amino acids will clear detoxification pathways and could serious improve mood and cognitive function.

08. Eat the right food
A low carb, high fat & high protein diet is essential. The brain is built on fats. Cut out sugar, you won’t miss it after a couple of weeks and blood sugar will be much more stable reducing the risk of diabetes. Consider high nutrition meal replacements if fast food is often a necessity.

09. Do the right exercise
Full body workouts engage motor areas in both sides of the brain whilst increasing circulation and oxygen delivery. Bigger muscles = less effort = less stress, and we feel good about ourselves when we are physically fit.

10. Meditation
Spending just 20 minutes per day focused on your breathing will increase heart-rate variability (HRV) and this is the foundation of health. When the body is under stress and is in fight or flight mode, the heart beat is irregular. The simple act of concentration calms down the central nervous system and activates a more beneficial emotional state.