Thom was very helpful  in answering all of my questions about Neurofeedback.
I am really happy with the equipment and he made sure that I was comfortable with the operation of the software. I suffer with anxiety and this was a big purchase for me. Our Skype chats really helped me to get started quickly and I can feel the results of training my brain after only a few weeks.
It is amazing!”
Paul S, UK


“I bought my amp and electrodes from, and I was delighted with the whole experience.

Delivery was swift, the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful regarding amps and NFB. He answered all my questions promptly and helped me figure out the best amp for my needs.I’m using my amp now (Neurobit Optima 2) and progress is good – noticing definite changes with TAG sync. Signal is excellent and consistent.

Thoroughly happy with the product, and the whole buying experience. For me in the UK this was definitely the best move vs importing from the US and getting slapped with delays, customs fees, etc.” – Richard P, UK


“Haven’t been training for some time now. I’ve just started a new education on the university here in my city, which I’m very very busy with. Also basically I’m now functional again and can sit in class etc. and just function like a normal person. Still a bit social anxiety left, but at least I’m able to live a normal live without feeling afraid all the time. I want to thank you for showing up in my life and because of this made it possible for me to do neurofeedback. I did a lot of things and made a lot of changes the last couple of months.

It’s hard to say what helped the most but I think doing neurofeedback played a crucial part in my progress. I’m sure you’re going to fix a lot more broken heads in the future. It’s ridiculous what kind of progress I made. The fight-flight response doesn’t get triggered anymore like it used to. Like I said, I feel normal now. Still a bit social anxiety but that’s okay. I’m content with who I am now. Life has changed tremendously, I don’t have a lot of time nor reasons to do neurofeedback anymore really, Like I said I’m content with who I am now and how I feel.

I’m actually looking to sell my equipment to someone who needs it more than I do. I got a loan to buy the equipment from you, because I was kind of desperate back then and couldn’t wait any longer because I wanted to fix myself as quickly as possible. A good choice and the best investment I made in my life. But I still have big debts to this day and I need to pay for my new education among other things that are important now, so I really need to get out of debt as quickly as possible. Maybe I will buy equipment later on when I’m financially safe so to say, because there’s still a lot of potential.

For now I feel content with how things are, also my brain works good in general, I’m able to study and comprehend the things that are being taught quite well. Big thanks for all your help, I think you’re doing a great job with helping people out there who need it. If there’s anything I can do to help with, just let me know. I’m happy to convince anyone to work with you if that might be needed sometime. I’m forever grateful.” – Geert R, Netherlands