What do you need for a complete neurofeedback setup?

The amplifier & accessories

2 channel amplifiers are highly suitable for the vast majority of peak performance or meditative brain training applications. Most traditional neurofeedback protocols use only 1 or 2 channels.

Neurobit Optima 2

For dealing with head injury or other types of brain training such as the TLC7 plan or applications which require the restoration of whole brain function or connectivity, a 4 channel amplifier is usually required.

Neurobit Optima 4

Neurobit amplifiers will also require a Bluetooth adapter and either a 2 channel or 4 channel touchproof splitter for the linking of references. You may also require some high capacity rechargeable batteries

Electrodes & paste

Ear clips are advised but not essential, however they do make life much easier if, like most people, you plan to train brains on a regular basis. With earclips you will need 3 EEG electrodes for a 2 channel amp, or 5 for a 4 channel amp. If you decide against using ear clips, a further 2 electrodes will be required.

Ten20 EEG paste is what makes the electrodes stick to the scalp and also ensures a good electrical connection between the human body and the EEG amplifier circuit. A tube can last up to 6 months even with regular training if used sparingly, most customers opt for 2 tubes of paste. Nuprep gel may also be required if you have a particularly greasy scalp or plan on making EEG recordings. It has a light abrasive action to remove dead skin cells and allow for a better connection.

Software & Protocols

For beginners, Cyberevolution’s BioExplorer is recommended as for many years it has been the defacto standard EEG training environment and has a wide range of protocol support available from a number of suppliers.

More advanced users and those wishing to code more specific EEG protocols may prefer Proatech’s BioEra as this offers a wider range of options for the construction of protocols from scratch.

thebrainstore does not currently offer protocols to run on these platforms, but feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements so that we may point you in the right direction.

Support & training

To help you get a clear focus on what you need train, TLC7 training reports provide a whole brain overview with protocol guidelines.  One to one Skype webcam support is also available to help you understand your purchase and get the most out of your training.