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Neurofeedback shapes up the mind like gym workouts shape up the body and people all over the world are changing their lives for the better with this amazing technology. If you suffer with a mental health condition, have sustained a head injury or have other factors such as genetics which have impaired brain function, neurofeedback can become the cornerstone of your recovery.

Professionals in athletics, business or the arts can also make use of peak-performance neurofeedback to enhance particular qualities such as reaction times, memory recall, executive function and concentration.


Brains affected by physical or emotional trauma can be encouraged to become more normal with non-invasive self-guided application of technology. With the use of neurofeedback training, changes are permanent, and do not disappear at the end of treatment. Quite the opposite is often the case in that recipients of neurotherapies have reported improvements in their condition years after receiving treatment. Changing the functionality in the brain can significantly alter our trajectory through life.


Attempts at altering neurological function have taken us from the days of the ancient Greeks using electric eels to cure depression, through experiments measuring the effects of electrical currents on the open skulls of humans and animals, and to a point where years of research have shed light on how a variety of personality traits can be attributed to certain aspects of the brain’s electrical activity. Given our understanding of this and the technology now available, self-applied remedial feedback can be used to alter neurological function for the better and improve quality of life.


Many areas of life such as sleep, diet, exercise, work, relationships and brain function itself can all be hacked to increase efficiency, the target function of which is to raise the rate of neurogenesis in the brain. This process of new brain cell growth is what keeps us feeling young, alert and alive. The scientific process of bringing efficiency into daily life is sometimes called TASR (Technology Assisted Self Regulation) or Neurohacking.